97 Firms Seek Legal Brief Against The Immigration Order Of President Trump

The executive order signed by Donald Trump banning immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries was opposed by most of the corporate giants. There are outcries everywhere regarding the travel ban as it affects immigrants and families currently working in the United States. The tech giants including Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and many other companies have been vocal about their opposition. These companies argue that immigrants are responsible for the growth of the organization and they can’t be excluded. Now, 97 firms including a majority of the tech companies have filed a legal brief, emphasizing the importance of immigrants.

The amicus brief was filed in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on Sunday. Initially, it was planned to submit the legal documents later in the week, but the accelerated efforts have made it possible to take legal action at the earliest. Apart from tech companies, several others such as yogurt maker Chobani LLC, Levi Strauss & Co have joined to file the brief.

A federal judge earlier issued a temporary restraining order on the immigration ban. While the President was furious about this legal action, the judge has not budged. Several more arguments will be presented including a letter in which diplomatic and security leaders and officials in the USA explain how the ban hurts the country and its economy. The firms argue that the immigration is discriminatory, unlawful and against the constitution. It would affect the business of all the American companies and it can affect the economy gravely.

The tech companies list several problems in their amicus brief. When the ban is imposed, it will be difficult to hire international talents. Many immigrants have innovated several things in the past. About one-third of Nobel prize winners in America are immigrants since 2000. The immigrants from seven countries – Iran, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, and Syria are banned from entering the USA. The order also allows banning of individuals from several other countries if the Secretary of State is dissatisfied with the information given by the countries for visa approvals.

The firms fear that the banned nations and other countries in the world could retaliate and ban Americans and American businesses. According to US diplomats, the General Electric may not be successful in closing Iraq deal which will result in loss of several billion. If the nations take additional actions on the firms and businesses in America, it could disrupt the economy in several ways. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick had to resign from the business advisory committee of Donald Trump as the #DeleteUber protest was organized. Kalanick reassured that Uber will continue to advocate for the welfare of immigrants and refugees.

The tech giants are in discussion to submit an open letter to Donald Trump urging him to consider their concern regarding the immigration order. The businesses in America want to fix the problem by upgrading the immigration system to enhance security. Openness to refugees and immigrants is a requirement for the success of the USA and its economy.

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